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Shaft Type Aluminum Melting


These furnaces are used to melt aluminum ingots.


  • Up to 4000 kg capacity
  • Maximum melt aluminum temperature, 740°C
  • Two melting and 1 holding burners
  • Natural gas/fuel oil
  • Melting and holding chambers in one structure
  • Melting shaft and chimney damp over melting chamber
  • Loading car and lifting system
  • Recycling of waste exhaust gas energy
  • Minimum melting process cost
  • Castable refractory design for continuous operating furnace
  • Manuel/automatic operating system for minimum workmanship
  • Easy sample taking doors
  • Unique design to eliminate dirtiness and stoppage
  • Controlled by PLC system
  • Low NOx emission
  • Automatic loading to eliminate occupational accident

** Oven dimensions and capacities are determined according to customer needs. To get more detailed information according to your needs, please contact us.