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Why Ecotherm?

Ecotherm produces affordable and high quality products compared to its competitors. In addition, it provides fuel saving and high efficiency in heat treatment plants with its regenerative combustion systems, which has developed another difference from its competitors.
Gizem Frit Rotating Furnace

Gizem Frit Rotating Furnace

We have successfully commissioned our Gizem Frit 500 Kg / Charging Capacity Rotary Type Ceramic Frit Melting Furnace project with the option of different rotation functions.
Benkam Aluminum Automatic Saw and Storage Gripper System

Benkam Aluminum Automatic Saw and Storage Gripper System

Benkam Aluminum company, which was in Uzbekistan and preferred our company before, demanded the same system from us again. We have put Fully Automatic Saw and Fully Automatic Gripper Stacking System to Benkam Aluminum, which has doubled its capacity by
Doğuş Döküm

Doğuş Döküm

Production of 500 Kg Fixed and 800 Kg Pot Aluminum Melting Furnaces was completed.