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Foil Annealing Furnace


These furnaces, used under protective gas atmosphere in order to get at the wound coil-shaped aluminum from the smelter.


  • protective gas atmosphere (nitrogen) and is destroyed during annealing grease stains on aluminum coils.
  • indirect gas heating or electric heating can be.
  • PLC control with controlled heating and cooling process is done.
  • The maximum temperature is 600 ° C.
  • The operating temperature is 350 ° C-550 ° C.
  • Circulation fan with the coil by circulating hot air oven ± 5 ° C in the heated homogeneously provided.
  • by giving into nitrogen gas oven O 2 concentration is reduced to about 0.1%.
  • the oven loading and unloading driven by a hydraulic lifting system is provided with a transfer car.
  • Self-recuperative burners with minimized fuel consumption.** Oven dimensions and capacities are determined according to customer needs. To get more detailed information according to your needs, please contact us.