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Billet Homogenization Furnace


These furnaces are used prior to extrusion to improve the mechanical strength of billet.


  • 5-60 tons/charge capacity
  • Operating temperature 580°C
  • Temperature homogenity +/- 5°C
  • Self recuperative or cold burner gas heating system
  • GAs consumption
  • Reversible or single direction air circulation system
  • Heating time 8-11 hours according to billet diameter
  • Driven by e-motor reducer main door
  • Pneumatic actuated door clamping system
  • Pneumatic actuated door locking system
  • Explosion windows
  • Cooling cabinet
  • Reversible air flow cooling system
  • Cooling rate up to 400°C
  • ** Oven dimensions and capacities are determined according to customer needs. To get more detailed information according to your needs, please contact us.