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Aluminum T4-T6 Process Furnaces


The furnaces used to the process T4 and T6 aluminum.


  • Capacity 500 – 4000 kg.
  • Operating temperature range: between 315 ° C-538 ° C.
  • Maximum temperature: 650 ° C
  • Temperature tolerance: ± 3 ° C
  • Heating natural gas, LPG or it is electric.
  • Quench process is about 10-15 seconds.
  • PLC control and programming can be done via the operator panel.
  • keep a record of the time-temperature curve with the recording device is provided.
  • is performed with mineral wool insulation and ceramic fiber blankets.
  • opening and sealing of the lid is provided with a pneumatic cylinder.
  • The installation of the basket provided as pneumatic and mechanical movement.
  • was circulated in the furnace with air circulation fans will be heated as indrekt materials.* Oven dimensions and capacities are determined according to customer needs. To get more detailed information according to your needs, please contact us.